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SERV X was formed when two CEOs, Arief Imran of SERV and Haziq Faris of REKA, decided to build a collaborative innovation by combining their respective technological expertise together to provide the people with digital technology access. It has become our group mission ever since to serve the people through innovation and technology which has activated over 700 auto businesses in Malaysia to catch up with digitalization.

Fast Facts

Autonomous car prototype that are currently been developed in our technology R&D arm, REKA
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Aftermarket automotive businesses in Malaysia has been activated to start using digital technologies
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Autonomous driving on the road and enhance the technology behind Autonomous Vehicles
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Drivers on the SERV app are currently connected with auto workshops that been using SFERA

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Hundreds of businesses from over 7 countries are engaging with us to create, maintain, and scale their services.

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How can we all SERV the best mobility experience to the people?

Bringing a quicker approach to data literacy and skills to close the digital divide.

“SERV X progressed from on-demand car servicing to merging affiliate technologies that are compatible with its direction of a digital smart city ecosystem.”

In the middle of the global digital transformation race, there are still individuals or businesses with access to the internet and digital tools, who are facing difficulties in fully migrating to digital. Among these segments are some of the brick-and-mortar businesses that are adjusting to the digital landscape, from using social media to exploring SaaS solutions and start managing their business virtually.
Arief Imran and the SERV X team during the market research and workshop visitation in 2021 at Istanbul Turkey.
Arief Imran, the Group CEO of SERV X, a leading tech-driven group of companies, looks at how the current needs of utilizing data could be a way to enhance everyday experiences, which at the same time is compatible with a global smart city framework.
Ever since its incorporation in 2017, the group has been taking an active role in bridging the digital divide in the country. For example, the SERV app alone has evolved from simply getting the users on-demand car services to now connecting them with hundreds of automotive retailers that are using SERV’s own SaaS platform to manage their bookings and service efficiently.
As the past two years in particular have put data into the limelight, SERV X has expanded its capabilities by enhancing user experience to promote transformation and slowly close the digital gap. Today, the group has strengthened its core technology and is ready to bring a Malaysian tech brand to the Middle East market.
Other than the platform used for the automotive sector, the group is diversifying its digital products such as data visualization platform, crowd analytics, and ongoing partnerships with global manufacturing corporation Murata to commercialize real-time traffic counting. The crowd analytics suite is then being used to extend real-time marketing analytics for out-of-home (OOH) advertisers and generate relevant traffic data for urban planners in the context of smart city development.
In line with our direction towards a progressive city, our subsidiary REKA partnered with one of the global manufacturers, Murata to count daily traffic in real-time.
Arief Imran led the group with values that embody the mission at SERVX, which is more than just providing the simplest interaction with high-technology to anyone who needs it; it should also be to contribute to a larger framework that eventually supports productivity growth and the creation of high-skilled jobs.
Our on-the-ground approach has made it easier for hundreds of automotive retailers to start migrating to digital. See more photos
“In recent years, governments and investors around the world have favoured the active expansion of inclusive technology for all, as we are all accountable for advancing human skills and development at the same time as technology evolves globally.” Arief Imran commented the group’s aim in closing the global digital divide and how the ongoing partnerships with multinational businesses and government agencies make it a gradual success in the region.
“Everything we do as a group is just a small part of a practical action plan that would help the economy, society, and anyone who needs a complete digital transformation. Not only would it shorten the amount of time it takes to close the digital divide, but it might also enhance the policy and economic goals of the countries involved.” commented Arief Imran about the success of Sfera Auto expansion to the Middle East market, starting with Istanbul, Turkey.